Hello, Baghdad!

Flying on a C-17Not too long after arriving at my supply stop, I got word that they would have me on the plane to Baghdad the next day. I have to tell you… it was the most terrifying flight of my life.

In the plane I arrived on, there were no windows, and we were sitting along the side walls in jumpseats. Although there were conventional seats installed on the plane, most chose to sit along the wall.

Once I arrived at Baghdad International Airport (yes, commercial flights still go there), I inprocessed, ate dinner at the dining facility, and went to get my temporary room. They give you “transient quarters” until you get a permanent room assignment.

Transient TentsThe transient quarters? A tent… with cots, old mattresses, no pillows, a sheet set (with pillowcase????!!!!), a comforter and all the dirt you can eat. There’s a picture here. Notice how there are no lockers to keep from having everything I own stolen.

I’ve since moved into my regular room, which is a vast improvement! It’s a trailer with beds and wall lockers. I share the room with one other person, who apparently moved out some time ago.

There’s wireless internet here, which is super slow. There’s also another provider here, which I can’t seem to get in my room right now. It’s much faster, and I WANT IT!