The Dynamic Trio

This week marked another major milestone in my quest to return home. I completed my final off-site media event at Camp Taji today.

I flew up there yesterday morning to meet with the commander there. Normally, we don’t leave Baghdad until the evening before, but they insisted on a media prep.

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Blogging a Rock

It’s not lost on anyone that Iraq is a giant desert wasteland, but every now and then you find things that seem completely out of place… like this rock, for instance.

I took this photo back in September on a trip up to Camp Taji. Remember the ruins I described?

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Sleeping in the Bates Motel

Tomahawk Village LodgingEarlier this week, I traveled up to Camp Taji to prepare for a media visit, which occurred today. What I didn’t expect was that I would be put up in the Iraqi version of the Bates Motel.

If you’ve ever been on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot tour, you’ve seen the Bates Motel made famous in the movie “Psycho.”

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