Video Recap

I collected a lot of the photos I took from my deployment to Iraq and created this photo video montage.

I chose The Who as the background music for the video. While I was deployed, I listened to music constantly, and The Who provided me lots of energy to get through the days!

I showed this to a friend of mine, and he asked, “why did you choose that song.” Well, aside from my newfound love of The Who, I told him that I needed a song or multiple songs that ran about eight and a half minutes.

When I sorted my list of music by time, this one just popped out at me. So, no hidden meanings. It’s an uptempo tune that happens to be more than eight minutes.

I hope you enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “Video Recap

  1. I got in A PANTLOAD of air guitar on this video. Thanks son, and well done. I am happy you are home and sad that others had to stay behind. To those of you still there, my heartfelt thank you for serving and hopes that you come home under your own power. Son, I love you and Jenn and wish you relaxation over your upcoming leave. Kiss Ferris for me again, again, again, again, etc., etc, over and over, ad nauseum. Dad

  2. Nice!

    The coolest thing is that I knew (some of) the story behind so many of the pictures, having seen a lot of them on this blog. This made a nice review.

    Whatever slideshow software you used auto-detected “water” and made it wavy. Worked great, except for your commendation ribbon…

    Welcome back. I’m so glad you’re home safely.

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