Home Sweet Home

My dad and my wife met me at the Montgomery airport Thursday morning. My wife surprised me by bringing my dad down from Ohio.

So, I’ve been home for two full days now, and it’s been great to finally be here.

I went into work briefly Thursday to turn in my weapon and pick up my inprocessing checklist. I began tackling that on Friday.

Once I complete the checklist, I’ll be able to take time off of work. In fact, I plan on taking off the entire month of January.

I was so close to done on Friday, and then the finance office closed on me. So, I’ll need to go back Monday, complete the checklist, turn it in, and then I’ll be free for a while.

I plan on growing my old goatee back. It will be just like Edward Norton’s except that when I grow the goatee, I won’t be evil.


3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

    • The checklist includes things like turning in weapons and supplies, filing a travel voucher (for the whole deployment), checking in at the clinic, and scheduling reintegration briefings.

      You can generally get the big stuff done the first day, but I was racing against the clock all day because several offices close early on Fridays.

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