Tonight, Tonight, I’m On My Way…

Late last night, I arrived in Baltimore. Before the end of the day, which was 32 hours long for me, I had been in five countries across eight time zones.

That journey allowed me the opportunity to see some truly amazing things.

One of the coolest sights was flying over the Swiss Alps at sunset. We were on our way to Germany at the time, and it just so happened we flew over the Alps exactly as the sun was saying goodbye to the day.

I captured a few photos. The gallery is below. They are about as good as they can be after being shot through a airplane windows heavily smudged by the uncleaned grime from passengers past.

So, this morning, I sit in the Baltimore airport awaiting my flight. I’m running on about three hours worth of sleep — part of my never ending battle to be adjusted to my new time zone tonight. It’s so early, that there are no gate agents, and the sign with the flight information is off.

The early departure time of my flight means that I’ll be home just before lunch. Unfortunately, I have a few inprocessing errands to run before I can even think about the gorgeous Chick-Fil-A sandwich I’ll be eating for lunch.

More to come… (like these Alps photos, for instance)


11 thoughts on “Tonight, Tonight, I’m On My Way…

  1. awesome pictures. I can’t wait to hear your voice on the phone this evening. That means you will be safe on Southern red clay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Excellent photos, but even more excellent news.

    Welcome home! I hope the Chik-fil-A tastes as good as you remember.

  3. Thank you for your service and welcome back. Please, please, please take it easy for a few weeks, in whatever way “easy” is for you. You and your family deserve it. I’ve been back seven weeks and am just now at the point of resuming normal activities. All the best.

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