This Video is Not Available…

While I’m waiting for my flight to take me out of some foreign country, into a bunch of other foreign countries, then into the United States, I thought I would try to entertain myself a little by watching some videos.

The internet told me to get bent.

Actually, I was trying to watch this video of LeBron James eating some kid’s fries on the sidelines of a basketball game. LeBron apparently tumbled into the crowd and then got up, dusted himself off, and started eating the kid’s fries.

Given that I’m not currently in the United States, Yahoo’s video player decided that I’m not worthy enough to show the video. This upsets me greatly because it was going to answer one thing that I’ve always wondered about LeBron James… whether or not he double dips.

As a habitual double dipper myself, I would have been elated to know that someone of LJ’s stature might also be a double dipper. For me, that would finally make my double dipping habit mainstream and make me less of a pariah at the local Wendy’s.

I guess I’ll find out what happened to the kid’s fries soon enough. I’ll be on the move soon.


2 thoughts on “This Video is Not Available…

  1. I watched the video for you. While they didn’t exactly zoom in on the fries, it looks like he didn’t even single-dip.

    Which unfortunately, means your double-dipping tendency will still leave you a pariah in Wendy’s.

    I hear that dipping in Frostys is mainstream now, though…

  2. But at Wendy’s you can get your own little holder of ketchup. So double dipping is totally cool in that setting.

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