Ranting Over, It’s Time to Rave

After my Dennis Miller-like ranting yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I received a phone call telling me all my flights were officially booked.

So, I know exactly what day I’ll be leaving Baghdad (not the time, naturally, as that would be helpful to me) and the time I’ll arrive home.

In these last few days, I’ll be outprocessing from Camp Victory, but I’m still working as well. I’m setting up a media event for next week, and I’ve also been taking in queries.

In fact, I took in a query from Reuters yesterday, and my responses were prominently featured in articles around the globe. Here are the New York Times and Washington Post links, for instance.

I’m picking up my laundry from the cleaners tomorrow, and I’m going to be shipping home some stuff I don’t want to haul all the way across the planet with me.

Coincidentally, we have a U.S. Postal Service office here, and the postage is exactly the same as if I went to my neighborhood post office. The difference is that I can send letters home for free. Boxe$ are another $tory.

More to come on my adventures…


3 thoughts on “Ranting Over, It’s Time to Rave

  1. I FIRMLY believe that the thought of a direct flight on Delta did not occur to ANYONE in the “travel office”. Oh well, problem solved at this point. This will probably be my last response to your blog since the time grows short. I will continue to monitor for the rest of the week. I will see you when I see you. Much thanks, not only from a proud father but from a nation that is grateful as well. Things have certainly changed since 1971 !!!!!! Dad

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