Hails and Farewells

As I’m now within a few weeks of returning home, my unit just held an event to wish me well in the future. It’s called a hail and farewell.

Obviously, I wasn’t being hailed (that happened in June). Instead, I was being farewelled.

During the ceremony, new people are welcomed and the old are fondly remembered before they depart.

My friend, Jeff, said a few words about me, but it had more of a “Friar’s Club Roast” feeling to it. I prefer that sort of thing. He told a few stories that had a veil of truth to them, but one story in particular was very exaggerated… and hilarious.

It was great. The people I care about (in Iraq) were all there, and it gave me a chance to call out the awesome people I’ve been working with on a daily basis.

Above all, I thanked Brig. Gen. David Quantock for not firing me after I put him in a CNN interview, which eventually was featured on a Killings at the Canal: The Army Tapes special investigation on the network.

Afterwards, I was presented with the Joint Service Commendation Medal. Essentially, it’s an award presented while working for a joint command, which is what Task Force 134 is.

It’s been a great ride so far. I have a few events scheduled this week, but when I’m done with those, I’ll be packing my bags.

8 thoughts on “Hails and Farewells

  1. Fantastic! I have a place of honor for your certificate on the “Wall of Fame.” I can’t wait to see you again.

  2. I am SO proud of you!

    America is grateful for your service and so are all of us who love you and know that you don’t take this task lightly.

    I am going to hug you so much!

  3. I know you are glad to be packing up and getting home. This family appreciates your service to your country. Safe travels see you soon.

  4. You have our love and thanks from both Pat and Me. Am looking forward to seeing you when we can. Any medal you can wear and any citation that can be framed is a Valued Memory. Please Pass my thanks to the General also, because getting fired has a detrimental effect on careers. Had my surgery today, too many kidney stones but easily removed. BOY THIS ANESTHESIA STUFF IS GREAT!!!!!! I will, of course, pay the price over the next few days, but the Doctor thinks I am stone free for a while. Dad

  5. I can’t wait to see you. The medal is great and you should feel honored, but in no way shows how much you are appreciated. Thank you for your suervice and sacrifice. I love you and can’t wait to wrap my arms around you.

    Luv Ya,

    Momma Pat

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