Baghdad Thanksgiving

You would expect Thanksgiving in Baghdad to be drastically different than Thanksgiving back in the United States. Although there are subtle differences, many traditions remain exactly the same.

The dining facilities here go all out with the Thanksgiving holiday. The main DFAC had a giant display reminiscent of those old department store window displays meticulously put together by some hot-shot artist. Think “Mannequin” but without the cheesy Starship song or Kim Cattrall.

Carved turkeys were the order of the day, which is a pleasant change from the processed turkey we normally eat about twice per week. We’ll call the terrible stuff “turkey loaf” from now on.

The lines to get into the DFACs are just ridiculous on Thanksgiving day for lunch, so I chose to avoid them completely. This posed complications as the sections in my building gathered to celebrate with a BYOC lunch. That’s Bring Your Own Clamshell, referring to the takeout styrofoam tray as seen in the photo above.

So, I decided on having a Mexican Thanksgiving instead… you know, celebrating the first meal shared between the natives and the Mexicans* who crossed the Atlantic on the Mayflower. The nearby Taco Bell catered my meal with a burrito and taco.

For dinner, I was invited to a eat with our commanding general at the smaller DFAC. The line wasn’t nearly as bad. I was able to get my food in about five minutes, but the thing I’m most proud of is that I managed to get through a Thanksgiving in Iraq without ever touching a slice of turkey… and I didn’t starve.

I may have been the only person not to fall into a turkey coma today.

*It’s a joke, people.  I know it wasn’t the Mexicans.  It was the Australians.

2 thoughts on “Baghdad Thanksgiving

  1. Remember to ask me about Maple Glazed Chicken which Pat made, along with a Honeybaked Turkey from the Commissary!! It would make you slap your Grandma, it was that GOOD!!!! Run across the recipe on Foodnetwork (Chef Ann Burrell). Also Sweet Potato Biscuits, Sweet Potato/bacon/Apple HASH. It was unbelievable and I almost felt guilty since I can imagine Turkey Loaf!!!

  2. Hey guys just wanted to say thanks for giving us our freedom if it wasn’t for you we would be going through the worst of worst so thank you for that :). Also I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving I know its kind of late but yuppers so Happy Thanksgiving! Mrs.Leonard my choir teacher (8th period) has been posting up articles from your website and the stories are super good i LOVE them. Keep it up and never forget:

    Love lives forever. -Michael Jackson

    With miles of hope, faith, and love
    Morgan Playle 😀

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