Like a Chimney

People here smoke. I mean, really smoke. Without a doubt, the tobacco industry does extremely well here in Baghdad.

At my unit (and others here), cigars have become the weapon of choice against clean air.

We have a spacious smoking area where people hang out and smoke their cigars. It overlooks the lake, and is quite a nice rest spot given the cool temperatures this time of year.

I don’t know much about cigars, but I know for fact that Cubans are smoked here. You can’t get them legally in the United States, but apparently they are easy to come by in Iraq. I’m told they last a really long time and offer a sensation unlike any other cigar in the world.

To me, it’s all relative. I’m a non-smoker, so I don’t necessarily think about anything other than the icky smoke clouding my lungs. For the cigar aficionados here, they really enjoy taking an hour to enjoy one on the patio.

2 thoughts on “Like a Chimney

  1. Boy, talking about a stalling tactic!!! A news conference is just a news conference, but a CIGAR, now that is a really good carcinogen!!! Were you around, by the way, for all the TROOPS EATING TURKEY WITH SIDE OF DESERT SAND/MEDIA BLITZ WITH DIGNITARIES/CBS NEWS LEAD STORY? Looked for you but figured you were behind a camera crew somewhere.

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