Knight Rider

When I deployed, the first thing we did was get rid of my car. We did this primarily to get rid of payments on something I wasn’t driving for six months.

Now that I’m near the end of my deployment, I’ll be needing a vehicle again back home.

I’m getting a 2010 Ford Escape.

I should say I just got it on Monday. While deployed, you don’t spend a whole heck of a lot of money. Given that they pay me extra for being a terrorist target on top of the extra cash for being separated from my family — not to mention that all my income is tax free in Iraq —  I’ve been able to save up a decent down payment for the car.

When you’re deployed, there is one easy way you can get a new car or motorcycle… Exchange New Car Sales. Essentially, it allows you to order a car at specially discounted rates (built to your specs) and have it delivered to your local dealer by the time you return home.

I didn’t take that option, though. Instead, I found that I could get a better deal on my own through Ford directly. The secret? If you are a Ford shareholder, you can apply for an X-Plan code. That entitles you to get your vehicle at near invoice cost without haggling.

This tricked-out vehicle, which was still expensive, ended up costing me several thousand dollars less than the sticker price. Combined with the 0% year-end financing deal, I made a great purchase!

Oh, and did I mention that I worked with my local dealer almost exclusively over e-mail? That power of attorney I did prior to leaving the country made it easy for my wife to buy the car on my behalf when it actually came time to sign.

5 thoughts on “Knight Rider

  1. The inside shot looks pretty cool, though that whole “Ford” emblem just isn’t very attractive. :-p

    Congrats on the new car!

  2. You KNOW that there are advantages to having a terrorist bullseye on your back. I can’t remember what they are right now but that Ford could be considered a “suitable substitute”. If you don’t know what that is, ask one of your Supply contacts!. Have not heard from Jenn and played phone tag around Nov 17th timeframe. Originally was in lousy mood and I might have mad her a little miffed with my attitude. Apologies are in order, I’m fine now. Got the Card and it was one of the top two I have ever gotten. Jeannie holds the record but you and Jenn are running two thousandths of a percentage point behind. Thanks, son. Dad

  3. Congrats! I now own an 09 Escape, having gone back to them after Mr. Matt learned to drive. What a great vehicle to have waiting for you!

  4. Jenn said that Ford had a small glitch with some of the plan/deal/whatever!!! That will teach you to cut the dealers out of the picture, SHAME on you, dealing capitalism such a Shaolin Death Blow!!! All kidding aside, THEY don’t mind sticking it to you and THEY should be prepared to receive same in SPADES. Keep em flying.

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