The Fog of War

When people think of Baghdad, they think of an intense, searing desert heat. That’s true for most of the year, but in November, Baghdad is actually quite nice.

I took this photo as I arrived at work this morning. If it weren’t for the guard tower, you would think it’s a London fog on the Thames.

In truth, the temperature here hasn’t touched 100 degrees in nearly two months, and October brought a much-welcomed cooling to the region. There are occasional days where the temperature hits the mid-80s, but those are becoming less frequent now that we are firmly in the latter half of Autumn.

So it goes with living in the high desert. Before moving to Alabama, I was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. in the Mojave Desert. It was about an hour north of Burbank, but the climate there was much like the desert here in Baghdad… unbearably hot during the summer and very cool/cold in the winter.

Today was the first day I saw my own breath as I walked towards my car after breakfast. The sight of a nice morning fog on the lake made me think (for just a moment) that I was no longer in a war zone, but rather an East Coast vacation spot on the water.

I snapped out of that really quick once I heard the “call to prayers” at the various mosques.

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