The Baghdad Swamps

It’s been raining here for days, and the ground is not accepting the water falling from the sky. Baghdad has turned into a murky swamp.

The worst part of the standing water is that while the ground doesn’t absorb the water very well, the production of mud is ever-abundant.

My boots are absolutely covered in mud. It’s worse than caked on; it’s clumped on. I try to scrape off as much of the dirt as possible, but I just can’t quite seem to get the clumps off the soles. My roommate and I are keeping our boots on a mat in front of the door.

The Chevy is worse for the wear. Its silver color is nearly invisible as it has been covered with a solid layer of dirt. This photo shows just how much dirt accumulates on the vehicle. Keep in mind that it has also been raining here. Yet, the car seems to be reluctant to self-clean.

I really need to tip the car wash dudes.


2 thoughts on “The Baghdad Swamps

  1. Tips may not be enough. In fact, I DON’T think Rain-X would work even if you used a ShamWow (If you don’t know what that is, BOY ARE YOU IN FOR SOMETHING NEW). Every war zone I have been in, tourist or combatant, was BLESSED with mud and a peculiar stench that only hangs over battlefields. It may have something to do with DEMON FISH or Fish Water.

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