Terminator Sent to End Iraq War

Again, a celebrity has managed to grace us with his presence. This time it is California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I’m not really sure when he arrived here, but I’ve been really excited about the prospect of seeing him on the base somewhere.

Alas, this is probably not going to happen. His people forgot to sync up his schedule with mine, which is really sad because I was going to try to get him to yell “everybody get down” in the middle of the dining facility.

Actually, I missed him at the dining facility this morning by about 10 minutes. He was arriving at about 8 a.m., and I had to be at work by then.

Of all the people who have rolled through here to include Angelina Jolie, Mark Chesnutt, and other various bands, this is the one guy I actually wanted to meet.

You know, for all the times I make fun of the guy for his accent, I actually admire him quite a bit. He was just some kid from Austria who enjoyed working out. He came to America and made a name for himself in bodybuilding competitions and then movies. Today, he’s the republican governor of one of the bluest states in the country.

I’m glad he’s here, but I still hold out hope that I can meet him.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard any of those Arnold crank calls, but most of them are made with these soundboards. They contain buttons that play certain lines from Arnold’s movies. Hours of fun!

(Photo captured from Terminator 2)


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  1. I also would like to meet him. I remember the Terminator 3-D at Universal in CA. It did the movie good, but Arnold is even larger than that. He makes sense to me.

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