Deploying is for the Dogs

A Dog's LifeIn this multi-faceted conflict we’re involved in, it’s more than just humans who end up getting deployed. Dogs get their fair share of overseas duty as well.

These dogs are called “military working dogs,” and their skills range from attacking people to detecting explosives.

The dog in this photo is assigned to a unit that was replaced today. Although the unit is returning home, the dog and his handler (the one whose leg he is hugged up to) will still be stationed in Iraq for a bit more time.

I’ve seen these dogs in action, and there isn’t a smarter animal on the planet. In fact, when I see these dogs work, I wonder how exactly my wiener dogs can be so stupid in comparison. I mean, my dogs just demand food, time to sleep on the couch, and the option to pee on the rug when it’s raining outside.

We’re trying to break the wiener dogs of their fear of water. No luck yet.

Dog and Master


2 thoughts on “Deploying is for the Dogs

  1. What a beautiful creature! We often forget how loyal animals are and the sacrifices they have given for humans. They sure can put things in prespective on what is important in life. Love you and hope your flight plans are going better.

    Mama Pat

  2. We have a working dog facility here at WP and they are beautiful. Did you know these dogs have their own AF ID numbers, medical records and are included in the Medical Center patient registration site. When they are admitted for care at the Vet Office, it is all recorded just as they do for US when we are admitted. These animals will go into situations that no one else will attempt and are treated AS ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY PERSONNEL. Libby and Charley may never be called on for that type of service and are blissfully unaware. We’ll work on the water situation when you come home. Be safe and BE A WINGMAN!!!! Dad

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