Hailing Frequencies Open

SkypeIn America, it’s easy to take the amount of internet bandwidth you have available for granted. Simple tasks like establishing a video chat are a minor miracle in Iraq.

One of the best programs to use on a low-bandwidth connection is Skype.

Whereas most programs attempt to connect at preset data rates, Skype actually adjusts its data stream to the speed of your connection. Obviously, the faster the speed of your internet, the better the video quality. Even at the slow crawl I’m connecting in Iraq, it still does a decent job of transmitting and receiving video.

Because of the slow speed, it occasionally disconnects randomly, which is really frustrating, but the alternative is not being able to see your family face-to-face for several months.

Word of advice to future deployers: get an account on Facebook, and get an account on Skype. This should be on every deployer’s checklist.


7 thoughts on “Hailing Frequencies Open

  1. My husband is in Iraq right now as well, and we’re constantly frustrated with the internet connection, but I know that if it weren’t for the internet I wouldn’t be able to talk to him as often as I do.

    Keep your chin up. I hope you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to come home after the beginning of the year.

  2. We are having trouble with our lap top right now. Jenn and Ferris have tried twice to web cam with us to no avail. So see you don’t have to be half way across the world to get frustrated with the internet. Maybe it is the old dreaded Kimberly internet curse!!!

    Love you and miss you,

    Mama Pat

  3. Pat can speak for herself, but as for me, I CURSE the internet on all occasions. I have been known to invent occasions to curse it when an occasion is not obvious. I have also made up a few curse words which will not be uttered here. My vast AF experience allows me to do these amazing things (as well as affiliations with certain Sailors and various members of AF flight crews. “I thought I told you not to call me here, set phasers on stun, good luck, Kirk out”!!!!

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