Tumbleweeds in the Office

Rolling TumbleweedsI keep a dry erase board in the office, which I use to track media events I’ve scheduled. Sometimes it is quite populated. Sometimes it seems like tumbleweeds can roll through it.

Jeff, the king of demon fish, often makes a whooshing sound as if tumbleweeds were infesting my board.

Over the weekend while taunting me about the lack of any confirmed events, he attached an actual tumbleweed on the top of the board. This, of course, sprung me into action trying to fill it up with events.

You can’t see it very well, but hidden behind the tumbleweed in the first week of December is a “Televised (Butt) Kicking of Mr. Fitz.” It’s marked as confirmed.

You see a lot of TBD’s on here. That means I’ve locked down the event’s time and date, but I’ve yet to lock down any media to actually come participate. Having media present is kind of a prerequisite for having a successful media event.

We’re having a tough time convincing the media to come out to visit us, which is a testament to how well we are performing our mission. When you’re doing your job well, nobody wants to talk to you, but when it all goes wrong, the media tries to knock down your door.

I have about a month to go, so these media engagements are going to start thinning out in December. Cue the tumbleweeds!


One thought on “Tumbleweeds in the Office

  1. The “Demon Fish” had an election and proclaimed Jeff as King? I’ll bet the ballots were pretty soggy and the voting machines would be a little tough to power up under water!! I agree, let the tumbleweeds roll on. I hate to wish anyone hard luck, but I wish peace would break out and put all of the warriors back in-country. White washing (painting) of rocks in front of headquarters building is easier and the rocks don’t have paint brushes trying to whitewash you!! Keep ur head down.

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