Rat, Crackle, Pop – Rice Krispies

Rat vs. Rice Krispies TreatEvery now and then, I get hungry when I’m sitting at my desk. That’s why I keep a very small stash of goodies. Unfortunately, the rats have found where I hide them.

The other day, I was asking my friend what time he wanted to go to lunch. Generally, we depart somewhere between 12:30 and 1 p.m.

It was 12:15, and he wanted to eat at 1 p.m. I was about to eat my foot when he reminded me that I had a couple of Rice Krispies Treats I had stashed in the desk earlier in the week.

When I opened the drawer, I found only half of a treat in my stash. I found the second wrapper (completely empty) just outside the box. It was obvious that I had a rat.

So, the rat apparently entered my desk drawer, saw a Rice Krispies Treat, ate one, then decided he was still hungry. After eating half of the second one, he left my desk drawer, but not without leaving lots of rat droppings all over the place.

I backed away from the desk, staring at the drawer with my head in my hands. I was disgusted by what I saw, and I immediately lost my appetite.

I grabbed the box, which held my stash, and threw it out.

The dirty rat got his due, though. Later the same day that I discovered the desecration of Rice Krispies Treats, we found the rat’s body in a trap. He was thrown into the lake to meet his destiny with the demon fish.


3 thoughts on “Rat, Crackle, Pop – Rice Krispies

  1. When I was in Malawi, some of my friends received a goody-package with Girl Scout Cookies in it.

    To ship to Malawi, you… well… ship. So, long ocean voyage, then sitting in a back room in a post office until the PCV rescues the package. There were lots of opportunities for rodents to get to the yummies.

    Nibbles were taken out of just about every cookie.

    We cut those parts off, and ate the remains of each cookie.

    Judging from your reaction, your junk-food circumstances aren’t as desperate as they could be! *:-]

  2. I can just imagine the look on your face. You probably thought I am going to snap , crackle and pop that rat’s neck.
    Do you remember you childhood experieince and the apple juice incident? That day started with Rice Krispies on the floor. Remember??!!?? things that make you go Hmmmmm!


  3. WEll the infamous apple juice incident rears its’ ugly head again. Mr Rat got what he deserved, he should at least have left an “IOU 2 Rice Krispy treats” note. His “burial” also bolsters my admonishment that “Demon Fish” should be seen and NOT eaten. Between your Uncle Raymond and Myself, you inherited a MARVELOUS sense of humor. I leave the ladies out pretty much, but your Mother has a healthy sense of humor in her own right ( I remember the video of her class doing musical numbers with her dressed up in a nun’s habit and rocking out. Should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if anyone ever finds it on line. Dad

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