Time to Stop the Crazy

Watching News from Fort HoodOn November 5, an Army major allegedly killed 13 people and wounded 30 at Ford Hood, Texas. A lot has been made of the major’s religion and whether he may have committed the crime because he’s a Muslim.

I’ll be honest with you… if he committed this crime because he follows the teachings of the Islamic faith, then he isn’t very good at being Muslim.

In truth, the sheer amount of crazy in the military right now is astounding. People are killing themselves at an alarming rate. As a matter of fact, the suicide rate in Baghdad is unbelievable. You would be amazed at the number.

Some people go so far as to go on killing sprees as opposed to killing themselves.

This certainly isn’t the first incident of a soldier going nuts and killing a bunch of people. Earlier this year, some dude walked into a clinic at Camp Liberty here and killed five people. There have been other well-publicized incidents as well.

I preface this by saying that this is my opinion and not necessarily that of the military, but I think it’s time that the Department of Defense start taking the suicide problem seriously.

They spend so much time telling people about why they shouldn’t kill themselves, but they spend virtually no time addressing the underlying issues.

In my opinion, there are a few reasons why people are losing their minds.

  1. Long Deployments
  2. Not enough rest time at home
  3. Lack of focus on the family
  4. Putting a band-aid on a problem instead of fixing it

I don’t think it’s any one issue, but I think treating a symptom and not the problem is a big contributing factor.

I hope that military leadership finally starts thinking about what is causing people to go nuts and then does something long-term that results in a more stable force.


5 thoughts on “Time to Stop the Crazy

  1. I agree!!!! He did NOT kill other Army personnel because he was Muslim. He did it because of endless harrassment from his peers BECAUSE he was Muslim AND the rank and file soldiers did not like his stand on going to fight over there!!! It is time the military started listening to those people who CANNOT OR WILL NOT fight, FOR WHATEVER REASON, and get them out of the service when the person requests to be discharged. We ( Active, Guard, Reserve, and Retire, regardless of Branch of Service) ARE FAMILY and, like most families, do NOT always get along or agree with each other. The Air Force has the Wingman Program and the Army has their personnel procedures that SHOULD identify and offer help to those troubled troops, but the management places a stigma on those who try and get help. My thoughts and prayers (and those of the Wright-Patterson AFB Community) go out to Fort Hood troops and families. Dad

  2. Side bar: The civilian workforce and management would not put up with a 7 – 8 year history of someone not supporting their company. The dissenter would be gone (I would Hope), long before. Unfortunately, even the civilians don’t listen or notice when their “troops” are in trouble and promoting the CRAZY. It has to stop, WE HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE SHOOTING AT US, LET ALONE, HAVING OUR OWN PEOPLE DOING IT. Bottom Line: STOP THE CRAZY BEFORE IT STOPS US. (Too long, too much soap box preaching) but SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOU has to say it. Send CNN to my house, I can say stuff that Ret Gen Clark cannot say.

  3. He was headed to Afghanistan, actually… but the concept is the same regardless. If he is found guilty, then he is a certifiable nut job. Hell, they could certify him a nut job and find him NOT guilty, but I wouldn’t count on that.

    He needs a good lawyer, and Johnnie Cochran is dead.

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