These Boots Are Made for Scuffing

Scuffed BootsI was issued brand new tan boots before I deployed to Iraq. Within a couple of months, they began to scuff a little bit on the toes. Now they are full-blown scuffed.

The environment in Iraq wreaks havoc on boots. During the summer, the sandstorms and the complete lack of any preciptation cause an insane amount of sand to coat your boots.

I know I mentioned this before, but sand just gets everywhere. On the boots, the sand makes the boots appear a much lighter shade of tan.

Once the sandstorms subsided and a little bit of rain hit us, the boots started to show their wear and tear.

This is not surprising given that I wear these things nearly 14 hours a day, seven days a week. For others, the wear time may be even greater. I don’t work nearly as much as other people do.

My regular boots back home don’t get anywhere close to this amount of wear and tear. I’ve been in the Air Force for five years, and I’m on my third set of boots. That set, which is a weird sage-ish blue, is in pristine condition.

I don’t have much time left in Iraq, but I promise you that these boots are going to end up in the trash.


4 thoughts on “These Boots Are Made for Scuffing

  1. Oh, yes, throw those bad boys away. You will bring home enough sand on your belongings. No need for the boots!

  2. You will switch those boots out for boots that will end up with Southern Red Clay on them. Please God let it be soon.

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  4. The best part of your blog is that you are going home shortly – with or without boots!! I have read both your blogs on sandstorms and found them most interesting – and unimaginatively uncomfortable!

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