Trash Wars – Episode II

Trash WarsThe day after my last post about the trash problem in my office, I found this scene right next to my desk… now with a giant trash can.

I let this linger for that day and another day after that before really getting sick of it. Still, I never touched the pile.

Yesterday, the smell began wafting towards my desk. It smelled awful, and I started thinking about what I should do about it. Cleaning it wasn’t an option. Instead, I made it clear that my plan was revenge.

Well, somehow the fear of rats got the best of the trashy people in my office. I arrived this morning to find all the trash gone. The catch is that now my trash can is gone altogether.

That’s just as well. I barely used the trash can as it was, and the lack of a trash can will make it much more difficult for people to toss their food stuffs near my desk.

So, I think this is a victory in the war on dumb. Now, if we could only come up with a good strategy against insurgents.


3 thoughts on “Trash Wars – Episode II

  1. We should cherish every victory we receive, even stinky ones!!
    you will just have to make sure you keep a liter bag near your desk for your scraps.

  2. 115 USES FOR DUCT TAPE!!!!! Tape a trash bag on the side of your desk (where YOU can’t miss it!!) and use it to good health. Your victory had a decidedly Jesuit approach (the end justifying the means) but when you lose a big one, enjoy winning a few small victories! By the way, DON’T FORGET TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH.

  3. So who did you annoy that they decided to dump all their trash on you, anyway?

    I’m guessing it was an inter-forces thing? When in doubt, blame the Army!

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