Waste Mismanagement

The Trash MoundThis monstrosity is a pile of trash. It is situated directly to the left of my desk and is leaning on the right side of my neighbor’s desk. Oh, and it’s also disgusting.

Late last week, it was noted that someone from another section in my building had been using our wastebasket to dump empty cartons of chocolate milk.

Never mind the trash can nearer to that section nor the giant trash bin near the restroom, which can hold ample amounts of trash.

So, we walk into the office today to find this pile of crap. No kidding, the trash is piled twice as high as the trash can is tall. The tower of trash actually rises above the desk’s top itself.

Certainly something must be done about this. I mean, I would suppose it would be my responsibility to make sure the Public Affairs wastebasket doesn’t “runneth over.” However, I have principles that I must follow. In this case, someone from another section decided that they would reappropriate our trash can for their use. So, understanding that they now want near-exclusive use of the trash can and its impressive capacity, I think it’s only fair that I allow that other section to take out the trash.

I left it, and I plan on being out of town for a couple days. When I get back to the office, I’m going to hope I find an empty trash can. At the very least, I’m hoping one of the rodents of unusual size (an R.O.U.S.) carts all this junk away.


5 thoughts on “Waste Mismanagement

  1. I’ve seen a few trash cans like that before! OH, wait it was in my kitchen when you kids were younger; and that was just after one day. I love it that youstill have your invaluble sense of humor. I don’t think I like the idea of you encountering a super size rat though! maybe someone will feel guilty and come and take the trash to the appropriate area. Love and miss you.

  2. You are DEFINITELY living in the “fire” swamp. RUS’s should have that taken care of, otherwise the demon fish will find a way in to get it. Too bad we can’t get Paul Newman and Steve McQueen to make a move about it called, “THE TOWER’N TRASH CAN (with apologies to the director of Towering Inferno).

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