Fish on Fish Violence

Demon Fish in PicturesThe saga of the demon fish in the Lost Lake on Camp Victory has taken an interesting turn. It seems that fish are willing to commit violence on another fish. Today, I have proof.

I was quickly called outside to the bridge where a bunch of the fish hang out.

My friend had just been feeding the fish when he happened upon the mythical “Moby Dick.” Now, Moby Dick is the nickname given to the largest of all fish out here. He is about six or seven-feet long, and his body is thicker than most people’s thighs. When Moby was spotted, I was called right away.

I had been trying to get a glimpse of this fish since the day I arrived. Now, four and a half months later, it was to become reality.

This fish was huge, but he was a darker shade of green. He was about six-feet long, had a huge tail and a really thick body. He was hanging out with the other fish, which were dining on Pop Tarts and a blueberry muffin at the time.

All of a sudden, he thrashed for a split second. He stopped, and then he thrashed one more time. At that point, I witnessed this gigantic fish catch another fish in his mouth and eat it. The other fish… was about a foot and a half long and would be too much for me to finish if served on my plate.

I literally stood there with my jaw hanging open. I had not just seen a fish eat another fish. I mean, they don’t do that, right?

Well, I don’t imagine you get as big as this fish was on a diet of Pop Tarts, muffins, chicken wings and the other various food stuffs we give them.

Still, it turns out that this fish wasn’t Moby Dick, but it might as well have been. He was huge.  What freaks me out is that if this wasn’t Moby Dick, I can’t possibly imagine the size of the real deal.

I’m told that selling just one of these giant fish at the market in Baghdad would net me nearly $1,000. That’s the value of a 100-pound demon fish, I guess.


4 thoughts on “Fish on Fish Violence

  1. You are hysterical !!!!!! That was a good fish tale. You ought to write kids books. Steve said, so the story of Jonah could be true!

  2. Young Padawon, you forget what Qui-Gon said in Episode 1. “there is always a bigger fish”!!! If I but knew that Pop Tarts could cause a fish to grow that large, I would have been eating more of them, as often as possible!!! Let go of your feelings, Obi-Brad, you could take that fish in two out of three rounds.

  3. Thanks for the video of our fellow Fish at Lost Lake. [O.K., it’s the same water system so they’re really also the Fish at Al-Faw Palace.] We’ll post it, with link, on our site in the coming days.

    We very much welcome any other pics and vids. We can use all the publicity we can get.

    The Fish

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