An Army of Camels

Stuffed CamelsAt Camp Cropper, one of our detention facilities, we provide educational classes for the detainees. One of the courses teaches detainees how to make stuffed camels.

It’s a sewing class, but the camels are a popular project.

There is one detainee in particular who specializes in making these stuffed animals. He has made a giant mammoth, the obligatory “Cropper Camel,” a “Lion King” and a few other animals.

Stuffed SquirrelPictured here is what appears to be a stuffed squirrel. I guess when you have lots of free time on your hands in a detention facility, you start thinking about making stuffed versions of every animal.

The detainees are extremely talented. There’s an art class also. I promise you that some of the paintings and drawings are worthy of hanging in the Louvre. There’s a pencil sketch of President Obama, a canvas of the Taj Majal that is breathtaking, and a bunch of pieces as social and political commentary on the Middle East.

Each detainee gets to keep their creations or pass them to family during visitations. U.S. servicemembers are prohibited from keeping any detainee work of art, which is quite sad. I could fill a gallery.

UPDATE: Here are some photos of the artwork.


8 thoughts on “An Army of Camels

  1. You could photograph the artwork and make it into a book, couldn’t you? I would love to see some of the paintings and sketches.

  2. You are right the Taj Majal is breathtaking from what I can see. It is too bad you can not purchase or receive. one of those would make a good memory souvenir for you. Seeing all these camels makes me think of your time left as being.. wait for it.. “over the hump”. I know too corny! But that’s just me!!

    Love ya,

  3. I think the commenters are right – turn the photographs of the art into a book. Split the profits between you and the detainees whose artwork comprises the book. (Or, do it through your job, and do it entirely for the sake of the detainee or the detainee program.)

    By the way, nice new header photo.

  4. You know, there is a consensus (sp?) here. Now is the time to get documentation allowing you to run contracts with some of the Ya Moh talented artists/contributors and get this into commercial production back here. I’d spend good money to get copies!!!!!!

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