Ready For My Closeup

In CameraIf you’re my family reading this blog, you have very likely asked me why there aren’t very many pictures of me on the site.

The answer is remarkably simple… because I’m the one taking the photos.

I don’t think I’m particularly interesting to look at, and I have a major aversion to most posed photos.

I prefer action shots of people doing things. I also prefer shots of the environment so that people who aren’t deployed to Baghdad have a general idea of what this place is like. In fact, that’s about 95 percent of the blog’s purpose… bringing awareness to those who aren’t here. The other five percent is catharsis.

When I post a picture of myself on the blog, it’s just because I happen to have been caught doing something that I want to write about. In addition to the barber shop photo, I have another one that I haven’t bothered to use yet.

In the photo above, I was taking pictures of people doing their jobs at Camp Cropper, which houses one of our two detention facilities in Iraq. I took that photo on a whim while the sergeant behind me attempted to fix my broken glasses.

Fixing GlassesWhen you wear glasses and deploy, they tell you to bring a spare set of glasses. I almost didn’t do it, but I’m glad I did. About three weeks ago, I broke the arm off of my regular glasses. Surprisingly, they were able to fix them, and we ordered another spare just in case I manage to break all my glasses at once.


2 thoughts on “Ready For My Closeup

  1. You look great! Your blog address will be in my concert program tomorrow night, so I am glad that newbies to the site will get to see you!

  2. There WILL, of course, be a slide production/visual documentation of all these photos upon your return, right? (Old Jedi mind trick). Put it together with the pics from the Army of Camels and you will have a Montgomery local scoop and something that will live longer than all of us!!! (remember all my slides from Japan and Germany/Europe)?

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