Better Than Evian, It’s Fish Water

Bottled Fish WaterInside this one-liter bottle is the life-blood for any servicemember serving in Iraq — purified, clean fish water.

I’m only half-joking when I call this “fish water.” It’s really the best-tasting purified water I’ve ever had in my life. It even tastes better than Evian or Dasani.

The only catch is that it comes from the same lake water where our demon fish friends live.

That’s right, the very water that these thousands of giant fish swim in while they enjoy our dining facility leftovers is what fills our bottles of water.

I ran across an old archived article that details the process of making this fish water something that the entire population in Baghdad drinks as if it’s going out of style.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

First, the water is pumped into a machine in the facility, where it is treated with chlorine to kill any living organisms. Then it undergoes reverse osmosis, a process that uses pressure to separate out impurities.

The water also passes through a carbon filter, which uses carbon particles with a positive charge to pull negatively charged, impure particles from the water, then through an ultraviolet light filter, which works to disable the reproductive processes of any remaining microscopic organisms.

Finally, the water is moved to a sterilized contact tank and infused with ozone, which removes anything that may have survived the previous filters and also removes any odors. The ozone dissipates into the water after two to four hours, leaving behind nothing but pure drinking water.

It’s actually a very interesting process. At the time the article was written, they were producing more than 420,000 bottles per day. That easily sustains the number of military and contractors in the Baghdad area… especially when it’s not summer anymore.

The weather has been very cool lately. Today, it was overcast all afternoon, and there are storms expected tomorrow afternoon. It’s a far cry from the 120-degree weather we were having when I arrived here in June.

I was drinking about four bottles per day for quite a while. I don’t think it was until August when someone told me where the bottled water originated.

Still, if you can get some purified fish water, I highly recommend it.


3 thoughts on “Better Than Evian, It’s Fish Water

  1. In Santee, California, they have been making drinking water from sewage water for decades. In fact, the State has campgrounds right along side of the treatment ponds. It took a bit of getting used to, sort of like eating horse meat. Not that much different from cattle, but the idea isn’t very appealing.

  2. The indians (and other assorted populations) believed that if you counted “coup” or consumed some part of your enemy, you inherited their power. On that note, you could inherit the power of the DEMON FISH!!!! DISCLAIMER: (Cannabalism is not recommend and is NOT practiced in military dining facilities).

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