The Official Pizza Countdown

Pizza Hut in BaghdadOver the past four months, I’ve enjoyed the Pizza Hut pies here on three occasions. In truth, I only enjoyed two of them. One was “stuffed crust,” which is awful.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed pizza, though.

I’ve decided that when I return home, I will be hosting a pizza party. Right now, my wife is invited (get well soon!), and I hope to invite more people.

However, since my return is essentially the Christmas holiday, I doubt anyone else will be able to come. So, it’s going to have to be a Christmas-themed pizza party.

Yeah, I know people are more interested in cooking some type of poultry product or giant glazed hams from the ham store. Some people even pick up barbecue sandwiches… guilty!!!

While I’m thinking about this, though, I would like to point out that I have less than two months to go. I still use Christmas day as the target date, but I may make it back sooner than that!

I’m really blessed that I have been able to make some good friends out here, and they have kept me sane since day one. I’ll miss them once I’m gone, and I look forward to keeping in touch with them.

It’s a tough job to be deployed here. Iraq isn’t the worst it ever was, but it’s still dangerous. I’ve had friends get hurt due to insurgent attacks, and it rattles you.

Even though my parole is near, I will always think of my friends who will still be in harm’s way through the new year. I wish they could be at the pizza party.


7 thoughts on “The Official Pizza Countdown

  1. That pizza looks like it has more than just cheese on it. Have you progressed to eating meat on your pizzas? Or was i just not very observant the last time we all went for pizza?


  2. You must have me confused with your 8-foot-tall son. I’ve always enjoyed pepperoni and beef on a pizza. Michael, on the other hand, can barely stand the crust and sauce.

  3. Not to be too sobering, but don’t let that counter get the better of you. You’re still in Iraq, even if you are already thanking all the people you’ve met. Keep your eyes peeled and stay safe, that way we’ll all get to see you when you get back.

  4. Scott is right, don’t close the eyes in the back of your head just yet!!! My eight foot, Chewbacca-type Michael does love his pizza. I repeat my claim, same as for Pop Tarts, If I had known that Cheese Pizza could. . .. ETC, ETC, ETC. You will not believe this, but he went to Max & Ermas and had an enormous HAMBURGER the other day. The community as well as his gothic friends, expressed SHOCK AND AWE and are still reeling around from the revelation.

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