Go Smuggle Yourself

DSCN1860In Qatar, we are given slightly different accommodations than the trailer where I live in Baghdad.

If you are a senior officer or senior enlisted leader, you receive one of these container rooms.

Quite simply, these are rooms built into shipping containers… the same containers that people use to get smuggled into the United States. However, these rooms have beds, a couch, and a desk. It’s good to be a senior officer, I guess.

I don’t get to stay there, though. As a junior officer, I am relegated to a large room with 20 bunk beds. I’ve been lucky that they haven’t all been occupied at once, but when people move in and out of the rooms, everybody knows it. There was a group of people who came in last night at about 4 a.m.

DSCN1867So, it’s occasions like those (when people can’t help but slam doors and move their noisy crap all over the place) when I wish I was in a container like this.

It’s not a Holiday Inn or even an Embassy Suites, but for someone like me who values their privacy, I would pay a massive amount of cash for the opportunity to smuggle myself to a good night’s sleep.

I guess when you aren’t paying a dime for your accommodations, you can’t really complain about the noisy people.


4 thoughts on “Go Smuggle Yourself

  1. I saw an article where port cities have these things stacked up for miles and are looking for ways to use them just to get rid of them. They could be converted to rooms for the homeless. I lived in a tent for a year and I would have thought one of these things was a palace.

  2. Another efficient usage idea that needs exploration. The homeless NEED something like this and American government/philanthropic institutions should look into this. I know if would take pressure off St. Vincent DePaul and other homeless places in Dayton, OH to have the needy housed in the Wintertime. Pamela, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

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