Doha on 100 Riyals a Day

Qatar - 32Today, I managed to get on a tour exploring the city of Doha in Qatar. The tour itself cost me about $20 U.S., but everything I did in town cost me Qatari Riyals.

A riyal is worth about $.28 in the United States.

We took a bus to several stops in town.

The first stop was a place called the “Old Souqs.” Essentially, souqs is a fancy word for marketplace, or shopping center.

Qatar - 14One of the neat parts of the Old Souqs was the Falcon store. They sell falcons… seriously.

The falcon I’m holding in this picture is hooded so that he doesn’t freak out when I get near him.

I nicknamed him “Millennium.” You wish you had thought of this.

We went to a group of jewelry stores, and the pressure to buy something was extreme. I got so irritated by it (and the American-only pricing) that I went back into the bus and napped.

Qatar - 23We then went to a local restaurant, and I ate chicken kabobs. I had the option to eat a lamb kabob, but I passed. I just don’t eat lamb. The lamb I’ve eaten in the past had a weird aftertaste.

The weird part: the kabobs, which were great, were served with fries.

We went to a few different landmarks and took some photos before heading over to the City Center Mall.

Qatar - 40

We only spent an hour at this mall, but that was all I really needed. I walked across all five stories of the mall, and it featured many American brands. Each store had signs written in both English and Arabic.

One of the restaurants I saw was an Applebee’s. It’s strange to see people in traditional dress enter these western-style establishments.

This picture gives you a little perspective on how tall this mall really is. At the bottom level is an ice-skating rink as well as a bowling alley.

I’ve posted a whole series of photos from my day in the Doha City Tour photo gallery on this site. I encourage you to go over there and look at the pictures of falcons, hookas (essentially bongs), a giant pearl, and the kind of cups Starbucks uses in Qatar.

You’ll notice there are not a lot of photos of specific people in my photos. There are heavy restrictions on what you can and cannot photograph. We’re talking about the possibility of getting deported because I took a photo that offended someone. So, I focused mainly on the places, and I tried not to shoot photos where the people were the key part of the image.


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  1. The hard sell on jewelry there sounds the same as when we were in Turkey. They freak you out where you don’t want to even walk down the street in front of the stores.

  2. This is the coolest picture of you with the city in the back ground. You are such a handsome site anyway! i am so glad you are having a good time. You needed the relaxation! you are sharing things with us we will probably never experience. Thank you. Love and Miss you, Mama Pat

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