Getting Drunk on Beer and Milk

The Bars of Camp As Sayliyah

Three bars are inside one of the warehouse-like buildings at Camp As Sayliyah. They serve beer and wine every evening.

In Iraq, service members are expressly forbidden from drinking alcohol. This doesn’t affect me much since I don’t drink, but it is interesting to watch what happens when people are offered beer in Qatar.

The rule here is that you may purchase up to three beers per day.

They don’t start serving the alcohol until the evening. That didn’t stop people from scoping out the available bars here and making game plans.

I overheard one guy saying that he was going to drink the beer with the most alcohol content (and also because it is served in a bigger glass). His goal was to get as drunk as possible on three drinks.

I don’t blame the guy. He’s been deprived of beer for about as long as I have, but the alcohol just isn’t important to me. I mean, there’s a specific reason I don’t drink, but that’s another story for another time.

Got Milk!

However, I have been deprived of real milk for four months. People sent me Oreos, and I had to wash them down with water. Not anymore!  For Qatar has provided me with genuine non-powdered cow’s milk.

The bottles seen here were packaged two days ago. They are in ample supply, and I’ve been drinking these things as if they’re going out of style.

If I were rationed only three of these a day, I would likely lose my mind.

Is there a word for the alcoholism-like consumption of milk?


6 thoughts on “Getting Drunk on Beer and Milk

  1. Milk-oholic?

    Like the old commercial said: “Milk does a body good!”

    Seeing you enjoy your milk sure does a mom good!

  2. Aren’t wine and beer alcohol? How can you be forbidden to drink alcohol and then be served beer and wine? Isn’t it disrespectful to the country’s residents to have beer and wine brought in by our military?

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