I Want My Baby Back Ribs!

Chili's at Camp As SayliyahWhen it comes to food options in Iraq, there are very few. I’ve had about every preparation possible for chicken, and if I ate fish, I would be able to say the same about that, too.

In Qatar, my options are much wider.

Take this Chili’s, for example. It’s nestled in the middle of a secure compound inside of this secure installation where I’m staying.

Actually, it’s a bit overkill. I call it the “Chili’s Compound” because aside from the Chili’s, the pool and a tennis court, there’s nothing but non-descript buildings there. It may be where they are hiding the aliens, but nobody’s saying for sure.

Coca Cola at Chili'sIn any case, I was determined to eat something other than the dining facility food. I snuck into the Chili’s compound and ordered.

I started with a refreshing Coca-Cola. I can’t remember the last time I was served a Coke in a glass (with straw!!!!).

When it came down to ordering, I was torn between the Old-Timer cheeseburger and he Baby Back Ribs, which is what makes Chili’s famous.

I love the ribs, but I just wasn’t sure I wanted them right now. I mean, I love how tender they are, but I don’t think I “needed” them bad enough. I’ve had plenty of good ribs at the dining facility, and I guess the need just wasn’t that great.

However, I have barely eaten a single hamburger since I deployed to Baghdad. The one time I did, I got unbelievably sick (for a few hours). That was the end of my hanburger-eating days in Baghdad.

Old-Timer Burger at Chili'sI decided that I needed a good hamburger much more than I needed some ribs.

I ordered the Old-Timer… medium with only cheese. I added ketchup to the burger, which is a patented technique I’ve invested to make the hamburger taste good to me.

It arrived a little undercooked, but it was so good… almost worth the exercise in futility in getting here. A few more meals like this one, and the trip might be worth the headache.


8 thoughts on “I Want My Baby Back Ribs!

  1. I never took my R&R…so, I didn’t get the experience of futility that you’re getting right now. That said, I’m glad that you got to enjoy the burger. My experience with the same location you’re at is this — We lived in California but couldn’t get Dunkin Donuts there. So, we travel 6,000 miles to the middle of the frakin desert and there in the middle of the food court is a Dunkin Donuts — WTH? 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. That picture of the burger I’m sure has made you a happy soldier. And the Krispy Kreme is icing on your trip. You did’t mention your milk status tho. Got milk?

  3. Glad to know you still get ketchup on your plain burger. When I read the line of “only cheese,” I got worried – till I read the next sentence.

    Undercooked meat… reminds me of a freshman year trip we took. Did you tell anyone you wanted your two dollars?

    That was 16 years ago. Geez.

  4. This post reminds me of our first date. He took me to Chili’s, y’all. And then proceeded to ask the server if he could get free baby back ribs if he sang “the song.” She said yes, but only if he did it on top of the bar. As you know Brad doesn’t climb on top of bars, so we paid for our ribs that night.
    That’s when I knew I had a keeper. I miss you, honey!

  5. He may not climb on top of bars, but he has in the past climbed on top of a table and spelled his name out with his rear.

    The waitress made him spell full name, first and last, I believe.


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