Seeing a Man About a Horse

About a HorseIt’s late and I haven’t even packed yet. I’m planning on taking my first day off since mid-June, and I’m not sure what to do with myself.

I’m actually taking nearly five days off from work and flying to Qatar. I hear it’s very nice there, although I only had about a day there when I was trying to reach Baghdad.

The activities available are varied, but I hear there is a Chili’s. This alone may make this worth the trip. I’ve gotten to the point where I hate the food in the dining facility so much that I sometimes just can’t eat it.

There are apparently other things you can do as well. You can go shopping, and you can go on tours of various historical places in Qatar.

In truth, I really don’t want to do most of this stuff. I would be happy going horseback riding once or twice, but I’m not sure that’s an option. Actually, I plan on bringing myself a couple of books to read.

The real benefit to this short break is that, just for a few days, I don’t have to worry about someone trying to kill me. Now, Chili’s or not, I know that’s worth the trip!

I may need to work on controlling my fears a little.


5 thoughts on “Seeing a Man About a Horse

  1. bruce willis said it best “yippie ki aayy >#>#>#. As long as you are not carrying the horse, it shows that you have control.

  2. I’ve eaten at Chili’s before. Are you certain people aren’t trying to kill you there? *:-]

    So? What’s with the picture? When did you go horsey riding?

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