NBC – Let’s All Be There

NBC - Let's All Be ThereIn the late ’80s, NBC used to have a marketing slogan called “Be There.” I even remember the music on the promos… “Let’s All Be There” was the line sung by all the primetime stars.

Well, last week, NBC was here shooting a couple of stories. The first one posted on the internet this past week, and I’m really thrilled with it.

The story was done at Camp Cropper, which is one of the two detention facilities we run. We showed them around, and they interviewed a few people. However, the real coup came in that the crew was given unprecedented access to videotape the areas where Saddam’s top people are held.

Like I said, I’m really thrilled with this video (which I can’t seem to embed here for some reason).  Here’s a link to the story on MSNBC.com.

By the way, in working on this story, I got the most impressive sunburn I’ve received in a long time. The heat may be dying down, but I’m still working on my future skin cancer issues. That will be something to look forward to!

The second story is still a big secret!

Seriously, though, this crew was one of the most professional crews I’ve ever worked with. I’m not just saying that because the correspondent reads this blog. I have a little integrity left.

Still, I’ve never forgiven them for canceling “Boomtown.”


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