Star Wars

Fall SunsetI haven’t really updated the banner photo above in a while, but I may just go ahead and change it to this photo.

Now that we are firmly into Fall, and the searing heat of the summer months is behind us, the sun has shifted a bit in the sky.

Back in June, the sun used to set in a huge firey ball to the right of these palaces. This week, I caught it setting directly between them.

What made the picture all the more interesting to me was that there were finally clouds in the sky to catch the orange glow from the setting sun. I can’t remember the last time that’s happened.

Usually there is either a massive dust cloud in the sky preventing you from seeing the sun, or there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

Tonight, the dust cloud is back. I can barely see the moon. Contrast that with two nights ago when you could see just about everything in the sky.

Although you would think that you could see the faintest star in the sky in Baghdad on a clear night, you really can’t. The light pollution here is at a level rivaling most larger cities in the United States. Now, when I lived in the Mojave Desert in California, that was when I should have invested in a telescope. Not a drop of man-made light in the sky.


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  1. Nice shootin’ thar, Tex. It makes a good banner, but the full photo with the spectrum of color across the clouds is even better.

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