Birdhouse in Your Soul

BirdhouseWhen you’re a bird, you need a place to call your own. In Iraq, birds are treated like high priests. You can tell because they get their own temples like this one.

No ordinary birdhouse will do here. This birdhouse tower is nearly 80 feet tall.

It’s a very distinctive cone shape situated near the laundry facility. When I first arrived in Baghdad, it was filled with pigeons. However, as the summer wore on, and as the heat dissipates, the birds are spending more time on buildings and in trees.

I shot the photo from a very sharp upward angle, which makes the tower seem taller than it really is.  You can thank the cone shape for the adjustment in perspective.

I’ve never seen a bird paradise like this before. It looks like a kitty condo, but for a giant cat that’s about 30 feet tall. I haven’t seen one that big yet, but if the size of the rats are any indication, I may see one before I leave.


One thought on “Birdhouse in Your Soul

  1. Hi Brad,

    I wonder if they build these condo-style nests in hopes of keeping the birds around so they’ll eat flying insects? Though its on a much grander scale, it resembles the starling houses set out in yards across the USA. Your photo is very interesting!

    ~ D

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