Coffee Shop Rules

Weapons vs. GlassIn America, there are few rules in a coffee shop. You can place the most complicated coffee order, and the Starbucks has to make it. In Iraq, you’re lucky if you get the right order.

We have a place called “Green Beans,” which is a poor man’s Starbucks. However, when there is no Starbucks available, you’ll take what you can get.

Anyway, I ran across this sign on the pastry display glass. It’s one of the rules you don’t see in the United States (well, maybe in Texas). I’m guessing they have lots of issues with people’s guns hitting the glass… probably to the point where the glass has been shattered a few times.

Pastries with glass shards are not good for the health of our servicemembers, so I’m glad the sign is there. The military is still okay with random electrocutions, but glass in a brownie is now off-limits.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker, so this is not a major loss for me. I’ve been in this place twice since I arrived here nearly four months ago. The first time was for a brownie, which was drier than the Sahara. The second was over this past weekend as I was escorting media to a tour of our facilities.

I ordered nothing, and I was quite satisfied with that. Just hung out with good people, and that was good enough for me.


5 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Rules

    • No donuts for me. There is enough temptation at the dining facility. Still, I’ve managed to lose 15 pounds here so far. Might be closer to a normal size by the time I get home.

  1. Again a situation that milk would make better!!! But there is nothing worse than a dry brownie, well maybe a stale rice krispie treat. You should try the doughnuts, with all the grease in them they probably would not be dry!!


  2. I actually got used to the Green Beans. Anything to get out of the office for a few minutes. The one at the Embassy is of course the best, but a Starbucks in a trailer has its charm 🙂

  3. If they are that greasy, you might use them to grease the axels on your mil vehicle. Green Beans will do if there is nothing else, we can’t ALL be Starbucks.

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