The Important Stuff

Daddy & MeWhen you have a really long day, it’s quite necessary to remember the important stuff in your life.

I’ve had more than one day here where it just doesn’t seem like I’ll ever make it to December. When this happens, I just look over at the picture of me and my son.

I wish I could say I was doing this for something as noble as “love of country” or some other worthwile reason, but the real reason I put up with the constant fear of death (and other assorted fears) is for my family.

We’re planning on having plenty of family time for ourselves when I get home, and I’m very happy to see the calendar tick into another month.


6 thoughts on “The Important Stuff

  1. Your little punk and I miss you so much. We are very proud of you and can’t wait for Santa to bring you home to us.

  2. Dad is right Ferris looks more and more like his Daddy everyday. But he still looks enough like his MaMa that she gets credit too!!
    December is just around the bend. Think about tax season then it will get here real fast!!

    Luv Ya,


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