Wild Kingdom

Kitty CatI saw this little feline the other night as I got into my vehicle. When I closed my door, he scurried from the parking lot into the street and began his stare.

You can tell he is staring at me intently because his eyes have an eerie glow, which I caught with my camera.

It might be a coincidence since I was using my flash, but I chalk it up to the cat being evil.

Seriously, there are many stray animals in Iraq. This is just one of them. However, I’ve found it unusual to see a household animal as a stray here at Camp Victory. Usually, it’s a giant rat crossing the road or a dumb bird dancing on a bridge… but never a cat.

I’m prevented by orders to not adopt any animals (or even feed them), which goes against every fiber of my being. Even cats, which I generally hate, deserve someone to take care of them.

I hope this one makes it. There are plenty of mice he can eat, and the dining facility leftovers must be pretty tasty (to him, not me).


5 thoughts on “Wild Kingdom

  1. Now we know where all those fish went to!!!! I have a kitty around here whose eyes shine like that too, without benefit of a flash unit. My cat is spoiled enough to ignore a small field mouse who got in a couple of months ago and ended up having to trap. The mouse was 14 inches from his nose and the cat just watched him saunter across the living room. Does that kitty want a roommate? USPS has some good rates on “one size ships all” boxes.

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