It’s All Downhill From Here

Roller CoasterA few days ago, I passed my halfway point of this deployment. Of course, that means it’s all downhill from here.

Last week was probably the busiest I will be during this deployment, so the downhill journey is already under way.

This is a relief to me because I was starting to buckle under the pressure. I’ve worked every day since the middle of June without a day off.

When I worked for CNN, there were times where I worked for 10 days in a row. By the eighth day, I was pretty burnt out.

Here, I don’t think burn out is really the diagnosis. It’s more like an immolation (look it up).

So, more and more, I’m thinking about what I plan on doing when I get my week off in October. I’ll be heading to Qatar, which is a very rich country in the Middle East.

If Qatar is the really nice neighborhood where all the celebrities and rich businessmen live, then Iraq is the neighborhood where you don’t drive at night for fear of getting carjacked or shot… or both.

Once I get back, it will likely be very close to my two-month mark. I imagine those last eight weeks will just fly by.

I miss my family and my dogs. I don’t want to reduce the importance of that, but I also miss having a mattress that doesn’t bend in the middle. It’s the little things.

(Photo via Flickr)

The obligatory countdown to Christmas…


6 thoughts on “It’s All Downhill From Here

  1. I think you are really in Alabama and you are just playing with us! hmmmmm That picture looks like Six Flags to me?!?!? Just kidding! you are right down hill all the way!!!
    i love the flight line count down!!

    Mama Pat

    • It’s actually a roller coaster in Japan. There were better pictures, but this was one of the only ones I could freely use on my website without blatantly infringing copyright.

      Believe me… if I were in Alabama right now, I would be sleeping better and eating well. Carrying a gun all the time is a pain. I don’t know how people in Texas do it!

  2. I’m curious about your trip to you get to wear civilian clothes? Do you get to stay off base in a hotel or are you confined to an American base? Have a great time whatever you do – you deserve it!

  3. There are times that Texas is a war zone in its’ own right! Ala. (according to the AP Stylebook) puts gun racks in their vehicles so you don’t have the weight on your hip. Just be careful that you don’t shoot the bird dog riding next to you. Georgia, on the other hand, is undecided and requires both a hip weapon and a shot gun in the rack.

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