Wii-ner Dogs

Wii-ner DogsEvery now and then I receive mail that really tickles my funny bone. This card is one of those pieces of mail that made me smile.

A little background: I have two weiner dogs named Charlie and Libby, and they are part of my family.

What amuses me the most about this is that ever since Libby was a puppy, she would always balance herself on her hind legs and sit up to beg. To this day, she still does this.

It’s always nice to receive mail that reminds you of home. I actually received this about two months ago, but it makes me smile every time I see it.

One of the weird things about being in Iraq is not having a dog around to play with. Sure, there’s my roommate, but it’s not really exciting when he sits up or speaks. We’re not actually allowed to adopt pets over here. Can’t even feed them, so I’m not sure if we can be courtmartialed for feeding the demon fish. Perhaps so.

Here’s an old picture of Libby doing her trick as a puppy. She’s WAY fatter now.

Libby standing up


4 thoughts on “Wii-ner Dogs

  1. I like that Dog!!! Would like to get a printable version of that card, I know just the person who would appreciate it. Also want the pic of Libby so I can print it off. I’m so stupid that I don’t know who to print off of what you sent, so if there is a secret way, let me know.

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