Anthrax… Not the Band

AnthraxWhen you deploy, you get a whole bunch of immunizations. With luck, you’re only out of date on a few of them. However, there are some immunizations that aren’t part of the regular shots people get.

A few weeks ago, I received a notification that I needed to get anthrax. Yes, THAT anthrax.

I was really confused by this as I had received an anthrax shot just before I left Alabama. I got it on the same day I received my small pox inoculation. Well, apparently the anthrax shot is really a series of five or six shots given over a year.

Here’s the kick. Back home, I can actually refuse the injection, but when I’m here in Iraq, I have no choice. Would you believe me when I say I hate shots? I know it keeps me safe here, so I suck it up and get the shots anyway.

I’m actually kind of lucky I’m in Iraq. In some other countries, I would have to get a yellow fever vaccination and take malaria prevention pills.

Now that I’ve received this second shot that prevents anthrax, I’ve got a strange desire to listen to Anthrax.


2 thoughts on “Anthrax… Not the Band

  1. Been there, done that – at least for the yellow fever and malaria.
    They even made me take – most dreaded of all things – a flu shot!
    I wasn’t allowed to say no, either.
    Aren’t you fighting for freedom and liberty? Where’s your freedom to refuse an anthrax shot? 😉

  2. I was not aware that the virus had started a band, at least not one you can get on a culture plate.,,, oops, sorry, wrong Anthrax. It is unfortunate that enemies do not consider other people when they develop biological weapons. I wish it were otherwise.

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