Super Friends

Iraqi SupermanPeople send so much mail to us supporting the troops that some of it ends up becoming “community mail.” It’s great that people do that, but you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff people send us.

Take Superman, for instance. He was just loose in a box full of candy. His “S” was torn off, and he shows some signs of wear and tear, which is something the real Superman (if he were real) would never show.

The real Superman also would never allow me to tape him to the top of my monitor. Even Clark Kent would break free of that stuff.

Other folks send things like tampons in the apparent belief that you can plug bullet holes with them as has been widely disseminated on the internet. Whereas it’s true you can do that, in theory, the majority of female servicemembers use them — wait for it — as tampons!

Now, I’m not complaining that people are sending things out of the goodness of their hearts. In fact, I appreciate that people still care enough to send stuff to the troops.

What people really need is something to combat boredom. I’ve been living off of books people sent me for my birthday (thank you!). I’ve also listened to most of my iTunes on the computer.

Fortunately, my new buddy, Superman, wasn’t bored on his trip to Iraq. He had some company in the box, and now they live on my desk in harmony.

A baby donkey-dragon and Puss N' Boots from Shrek hang out with Lego Batman on my desk.

A baby donkey-dragon and Puss N' Boots from Shrek hang out with Lego Batman on my desk.


4 thoughts on “Super Friends

  1. I think you could re-instate Superman’s “S” with a sharpie! He deserves it–you know how jetlag can knock your “S” off.

  2. A coworker of my husband’s got 5 packages in one day. I’m thinking he has a big family. Funny you mention books, that is the one thing the husband has asked for. Oh, and a bathroom scale, go figure.

  3. 1. Institute a book exchange program, post haste. It would be considered a great humanitarian action. 2. I agree with your Mom, the military EXPECTS you to obtain and maintain a nice, ship-shape, functional “S” so your uniforms don’t look ridiculous and baggy, so get out the “Sharpies” and comply!! The concept of tampons is not my area of expertise but will say that I know of no brand that will stop a military projectile. AT EASE!!!

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