Moonrise Over Lost Lake

Moonrise Over Lost LakeToday’s post is a quick one. I managed to take this photo as I was leaving work.

The moon had just risen over the horizon, and it was well on its way up by the time I managed to get a good shot.

Click the photo to embiggen.

I took it with my tiny Coolpix S210. The exposure was set to one full second, and I stabilized the shot on the bridge near my building.

Below is a less-successful version of the shot as the moon was rising behind the guard tower (also clickable). I couldn’t quite stabilize the shot right, and the exposure was only for a quarter second. It was much more impressive with the naked eye.



5 thoughts on “Moonrise Over Lost Lake

  1. Is it really called Lost Lake? That sounds so misty and “poetesque.” Moonrise over Lost Lake…. if only I wrote poems.

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