Turning Lead into Gold

Sunset LakeMy wife looked at me funny when I asked her if I could take her camera with me to Baghdad, but I’m glad I did. I’ve managed to take some terrific photos since I’ve been here.

As the days get shorter (literally), I seem to catch the sun at a different angle every day. Above all, though, I enjoy taking photos of sunsets.

I just like the color, I suppose. In this photo, I like how the horizon moves from a dark red to a lighter orange as the sky returns to a darker blue above. I’m also a sucker for objects in silhouette.

I know there are people who make a living taking photographs, but I don’t think I could do that reliably. I think I’m more of an accomplished amateur who happens to get good shots on occasion.

At my last assignment, I knew a guy who would send me photos of the most boring events, but 90% of his shots were just amazing. He could take a picture of a guy speaking at a podium and squeeze freakin’ gold from it.

I’m wondering if I know how to turn lead into gold like he could.


4 thoughts on “Turning Lead into Gold

  1. It seems to give you the peace you need in a terrible situation. The silhouette give one the traquility and the color is like the soother. it is almost like getting a mental massage!!


  2. And you wondered why I took all those pictures of Japanese Temples, Shrines, and the original, badly done, overexposed pictures of the Great Buddha of Kamakura!!!! I finally got it right, including the pictures of the 3 monkeys (see no, speak no, hear no evil) on the horse stables of the Nikko Shrine. Think, some of these pictures will never be duplicated and some of those things photographed do not exist anymore. GOOD JOB and a beautiful picture. Keep snapping.

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