Midnight Run

Standing at easePractically every week there is some sort of physical fitness event at Camp Victory. Usually, it’s some sort of 5K run or a “shadow” marathon. However, every now and then specific units get involved.

Today, it was Task Force 134’s turn.

At sunset, the entire unit gathered near the lake in order to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the Military Police corps. This must be an Army thing because the Air Force generally celebrates stuff with flyovers.

In any case, we ran around the lake as a group for 1.6 miles. However, once that was done, an individual took off and ran another lap. When that person returns, another person will take off… and so on.

My understanding is that this will happen for a total of 68 laps… all night long.

I was tagged for photography duty, which is great except that I had to dump the camera and catch up to the group. Here are a couple of photos.

General Quantock addresses the troopsBrig. Gen. David Quantock, commanding general of Task Force 134, addresses the unit prior to the formation run.

Going for a runTask Force 134 begins its run around the lake at Camp Victory in Baghdad tonight. The task force is made up of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, who are all focused on detainee operations in Iraq.