Out to Sea

YouTube - Out to SeaPreviously, I mentioned how much I wanted to take the admiral’s vessel out on the lake near my office.  Just my luck, I happened to have my camera on me when the admiral spontaneously decided to go for a row.

As you’ll recall, the boat was literally a tiny row boat that was found somewhere on Victory Base Complex (formerly Saddam Hussein’s compound). It was brought back to our pier where it has languished until someone dared test its seaworthiness.

Interestingly, the Navy admiral and his “first mate” couldn’t figure out how to get the paddles through the rings attached to the sides of the boat.  They attempted to saw off the handles to get them through the rings. However, when I started looking at the paddles with his assistant, I noticed that the blue paddle fins were removable.

That’s right.  An Airman and a Soldier helped the Navy admiral figure out how his paddles worked.  In all fairness, though, I’m sure the admiral is used to commanding ships with things like engines, rudders and nuclear reactors.

Anyway, I made this video for fun, and I hope you enjoy it.  It took me two days to upload it, so I hope it’s worth the wait.  They gotta do something about the slow internet here.


4 thoughts on “Out to Sea

  1. That was great Brad! But why did everyone but the admiral have guns strapped to them? He can’t defend himself if needed? He was really young looking too. And was that the original soundtrack?

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