Perfect Strangers

Backpacking through IraqLast night, I walked into my room, and I startled a man lying on the empty bed on the other side of the room. Startled isn’t quite the right word. He nearly hit the ceiling from the lying-down position.

So, yes, I now have a roommate. He’s a lawyer, which means I need to stop breaking the law immediately.

I’ve been pretty lucky so far this deployment. I was without a roommate for two full months, and I only have four left to go. Although I miss having the room to myself, it’s good to have someone to talk to in the evenings. Still, there’s something to be said about not worrying about whether you are disturbing someone when you stay up much later than usual.

Change of subject…

I forgot to share this the other day… a couple of pictures from my convoy when I visited my friend in the hospital.

Convoying in Baghdad

Statue in Baghdad


7 thoughts on “Perfect Strangers

  1. Nice to have another human to converse with at night. Where is he from? Is he on a 6 month deployment also? Hope you two get along and have some things in common. Tommorow is Jenn and Ferris BIG day! Hope all goes well.

  2. Give him my best and also to your injured friend. I can never say thank you enough for what you and the Command are doing there. Let’s finish it up and come home safely. Dad

  3. Technically since you are rooming with a lawyer….You could keep breaking the law and know that your butt is covered!!! Personal opinion. Thats the best kind of room mate to have…

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