Smoking Can Kill You

Wooden Smoking AreaWe’re all familiar with the warnings on packs of cigarettes from the surgeon general, but here is something the surgeon general may want to examine.

In the deployed environment, you can only smoke in designated smoking areas. Primarily this rule is setup so that smokers don’t accidentally set fire to their rooms or workspaces.

Being a non-smoker, this does not affect me in the least. However, when I see something like this smoking area, I wonder how we manage to fight wars without the enemy heckling us.

Haven’t figured it out yet? Remember when I said the military doesn’t want us to set fire to our workspaces and rooms? Apparently that doesn’t apply to the WOODEN smoking shack you’re standing in while lighting your cigarette with an open flame.

Yes, I work for the strongest (and dumbest) military in the world.


5 thoughts on “Smoking Can Kill You

  1. U know, they could have made it a bullet proof smoking hootch, by using triple plate steel overlaid with titanum.

  2. Great smoking deterrent. Not only can you set everyone on fire, but standing around in 112 degree heat for the 4 minutes it takes to smoke might kill you.

  3. There is that… but there is no risk that someone has a case of say.. phosphorous grenades.. spare 9mil rounds.. whatnot, sitting under the bench.

    Does noone consider the issue of the ember on the smoke marking your position to snipers ?

  4. For the record, the blog auto-filters comments with obviously fake email addresses. I can see those filtered comments, but I’m under no obligation to post them. If you want people to see your douchebaggery, then please use a legit email address so everyone can know what little respect you have for deployed military members.

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