Army of Darkness

DarknessI take full responsibility for my actions. I never should have mentioned it. Yes, I’ve jinxed it, and there’s nothing more I can do but fall on my sword.

I caused a major power failure that lasted for hours. How did I do this? Well, I mentioned that there were frequent power fluctuations at Camp Victory, however I recently said to a coworker that the power had been pretty stable lately. In fact, in the last month, I only remember one momentary power failure. That’s compared to the four per day we were getting before that. We were doing so well.

But, NOOOOOOO.  I had to be all cocky talking about how the power was working better than ever.

So, when I get back to my room tonight, my power was out. It was out throughout the entire living area here. The air conditioning was off, and it was a really hot day. It was pitch black in my room. All I had was a small LED flashlight, which barely lights up the gun laying on my bed. I deserved this darkness, I suppose.

Still, I made the best of it and watched Mythbusters DVDs on my Macbook until the power came back on.

Now that the power is back, I bow to the electricity gods and show them all their due respect. How about I don’t taunt you anymore?


5 thoughts on “Army of Darkness

  1. Oh nooooo! Well, if that is the worst thing to happen to you today, then I’m glad. After we all heard about the attacks, I was fielding a lot of calls about your safety. I’m glad you’re ok, albeit hot and in the dark.

    • I’m doing okay… really. I work at Camp Victory. The attacks were in the Green Zone (or International Zone)… a whole five miles away. That’s not to say I’m not in danger. They are paying me extra for the danger, you know. Still, I’m safe. I’m cautious. I’m Schwarzenegger.

      “Cohagen, give those people air!!!”

  2. Brad your luck is as good as mine. The only difference is you don’t have an option for electricity. I can just imagine the look on your face when you remember what you had said to your co worker. And he was saying the same thing to himself, Brad just had to say somethng, didn’t he?!?!? now when people ask you if you are in the dark, you can justify it

    Love ya,

  3. At least you don’t have to put up with a small blonde midget running around in fish-net stockings!!!!. I too have a burden such as yours except mine are called “Traffic Light Gods”. It don’t matter if I drive one block or until I get to infinity, IF I AM DRIVING, the light will be RED when I get there. Good thing I did not drive to Starbucks in Montgomery, would have taken us all day to get there. I don’t talk to THEM either.

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