Two Months Down

Calendar - August 18thIt’s been two months since I stepped off the airplane and walked across the ramp at Baghdad International Airport. Given my six-month deployment, I should have about four months left before taking that final journey home.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to sum up what I’ve learned so far.

In no particular order of importance, this is what I know:

  1. Fish can be deadly.
  2. Burger King is much friendlier when it’s run by Iraqis.
  3. If the vice president visits Baghdad, and I don’t see him, he didn’t really visit.
  4. People who send me Oreos WITHOUT milk actually hate me.
  5. When you hear booms outside your room, that’s bad.
  6. I speak better Swahili than I do Arabic.
  7. Angelina Jolie breaks alarm clocks.
  8. If you can get the government to pay $100 per bag of laundry, you should be allowed to electrocute a few people.
  9. Toilet paper is ineffective as a paper towel.
  10. Birds cannot be trusted to just act normal.

I can’t find just a normal countdown clock, but I thought this might be a good visualization of the time I have left in Baghdad.


5 thoughts on “Two Months Down

  1. I’m definitely getting requests for more blogs regarding the demonic catfish. They are too fun to watch!
    Also requested: more pictures of you working, when will you get to leave the base and venture out (related pictures), and Iraqi wildlife.

  2. I just love all of this blog. I usually get a good laugh for the day. It is especially good to me when I have had a bad day and I am missing talking to you. So keep on entertaining us and you will be home before you know it!!
    I have to tell you, even when you are being serious you have your sense of humor about you and it is brilliant!!



  3. Next project will be a bullet proof toilet!! I appreciate your comments and they are well thought out. Humor is a must. It is a burden having a son who is smarter than you are. Judging from Ferris, you too will experience this at a later date. I also told Pat that I expect a book out of this as I am sure that there are more “war” stories you experience daily than you can safely write about. In a serious vein, experience teaches that war is not glamorous nor always funny. But being able to find humor is a blessing and I applaud you for finding it. Did I mention the bullet proof toilet?????

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